I've led and participated in all aspects of concept development, from ideation, to presentation, and devised solutions for print campaigns, web sites and experiential tactics.


Below are selected highlights from new business pitches and campaign concepting.

Rise Up

Living with COPD is like living under an oppressive weight. This concept is a counter punch to oppression, promising relief and offering a bit of levity without making light of the condition

We See More

Recognizing the pragmatic nature of treating cancer, this concept reflects the inspired technology behind this product.

Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate Weapon

The Power Within

No Time to Go

The symptoms of having an enlarged prostate may seem inconsequential but they may have real consequences.

The Urge

This campaign was meant to raise awareness and inspire proactive behavior by personifying the symptoms. Living with the Urge is a real drag.

Feel It. Treat It.

We saw an opportunity to not just raise awareness of the symptoms but to actually trigger them, inspiring reluctant patients to take action.

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